Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah – Day 5: Crossing Wyoming

Today we leave Colorado and head for Wyoming. We will see a lot of natural beauties on the way, many interesting places to visit. Since the way is not going to be the same today, fill up the car in advance.
Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

Silver Grill Cafe

Cafés, American Restaurants

Following the established tradition, we will start the day in a cafe where traditional morning dishes and various desserts are served. I will recommend tacos or omelets as my main dish, and sweet toasts will like a wide range of toasts, muffins, desserts made of fresh berries and fruits, as well as a variety of pastries. You can also order meat steak or fried chicken.

Fort Collins Museum of Discovery


The Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is a quite diverse and interesting museum. The number of expositions here is great, there is also an exhibition of musical instruments, where you can not only learn about the history of music and musical technologies, but also to play different instruments. In addition, there are expositions demonstrating natural laws in an accessible form, exhibitions for children, there are halls dedicated to space, wildlife, ancient nature, development of man, his life, transport and much more.

University of Wyoming Geological Museum

We left Colorado and arrived in Wyoming, and our first stop is the University of Wyoming Geological Museum. The main exhibition direction of the museum is the ancient nature. Here you can see the remains of giant reptiles, namely stegosaurus, tyrannosaurus, diplodocus, giant birds, as well as the inhabitants of the ocean. The exhibitions are aimed not only at demonstrating the skeleton of animals, but also at increasing the understanding of the life of these species and the conditions in which they were found. Please note that the museum is not open on Sunday.

Elk Mountain


We're on our way to Wyoming and we've met the beautiful landscape of Mount Elk Mountain. In winter, tourists and locals love skiing and snowboarding here, and in summer you can just walk around and take a lot of memorable photos.

Buck's Sports Grill

We're going inland, it's lunchtime. A cozy bar on the way is perfect for this. In addition to alcoholic beverages, a variety of dishes and snacks are also served here. For lunch you can take chicken wings, potatoes with barbecue, as well as some vegetable salad, which is quite a lot.

The Continental Divide, WY

Other Great Outdoors

During the long road it is always necessary to take a break, take a short walk in the fresh air, and since it so happens that our way passes through the very place that is the border dividing the country in half, why not stop here, breathe a little and make a kind of photoreport of the important stage of the way.

Don Pedro's Restaurant

Mexican Restaurants

After a long journey, we are very tired, and we want to have a good rest and refreshment, and for this purpose we will stop at the cozy cafe Don Pedro's Restaurant. In general, the institution specializes in Mexican cuisine, but here you can also find a good pizza, pasta, sushi. Attention should also be paid to salads and, of course, fried chicken.