Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah – Day 4: The Rocky Mountains of Colorado

We're leaving Denver today for Fort Collins, and on our way to one of the state's main reserves, where we have incredible scenery of mountains, rivers, plains and waterfalls, so don't forget to charge your camera.
Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

Illegal Pete's

Tex-Mex Restaurants

On the way from Denver, we'll stop at Illegal Pete's. It serves traditional Mexican cuisine. For breakfast here you can order various tacos, burritos, salads, to which you can choose dressing and, of course, pork, beef steaks. And the very affordable prices of the restaurant also justify the visit.

Boulder Scenic Area - Davidson Mesa

Scenic Lookouts

The first stop today will be the Boulder Scenic Area - Davidson Mesa. This is one of the places that you just need to visit when you're passing through Louisville. And indeed, some incredible views of the Eldorado Springs mountains and plains at their foot are undoubtedly worth recording. In addition, there are plenty of footpaths near the observation deck where you can walk or cycle, leaving your car in the nearest parking lot.

Rocky Mountain National Park

National Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park welcomes visitors at the entrance with a panorama of snow-covered rocky mountains. The fauna, which grows here, is characteristic of the natural zone of Tundra and creates unusual, unseen landscapes. Here you can arrange a simple walk along the lakes and forests, as well as a multi-day hike through the wilderness.

Alberta Falls

Waterfalls, Scenic Lookouts

One of the most important stops in Rocky Mountain National Park is the Alberta Falls observation deck, which offers stunning views of the forest, river and waterfall. Mixed, pine and aspen groves alternate on the way to the waterfall, so you can smell different conifers during the walk, and picnics are allowed near the waterfall.

Inkwell & Brew


In the midst of walks do not forget about snacks and rest, so on the way to the cozy cafe Inkwell & Brew. The facility looks rather atmospheric, according to the surrounding countryside. Pasta with meat, salads and soups can be ordered here for lunch. There are many different types of cookies, croissants, rolls and biscuits for dessert. It's also worth saying that this is a great coffee bar.

Lake Estes


Another important object in the reserve is Lake Estes. In addition to a simple walk among the extraordinary nature, here you can have a picnic, fishing (locals say that there is often a large trout), and among the water attractions are very popular rowing, kayaking and just a boat ride on the lake.

City Park


One of the main attractions of Fort Collins is the city park. Every day there are various events like food festivals, volleyball, baseball and other sports tournaments, music concerts and much more, in short, a real city center. Those who aren't interested in spending time in the midst of a large crowd of people can walk along the picturesque paths in a remote part of the park.

Krazy Karl's Pizza

Pizza Places

The day has almost come to its end, and to finish it on a pleasant note, we'll stop at the pizza place on the way. In addition to the well-known set of traditional pizzas, visitors are also invited to create their own, choosing the ingredients they like. In my opinion, pizza with seven cheeses, salads and sandwiches, presented in the menu, deserves special attention.