Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah – Day 3: National forests east of Denver

On this day, the plan is to go to the so-called National Forest "White River", which is located east of the state capital. Here you will find world-famous ski resorts, many resorts, and nature types resemble the landscapes of the European Alps.
Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington


Breakfast Spots

What do you need to do first to make the day go by actively? The correct answer is to have a good breakfast. And you can do that at the Snooze Cafe, it's open from 7:00 a.m. These guys know a lot about nourishing and delicious breakfasts, which are only worth their signature punk with ice cream and nuts - fingers lick!

The Rocky Mountains


The views along the way are breathtaking, but especially against the backdrop of wooded terrain, the breathtaking scenery of the rocky mountains east of Denver stands out. It must be said that many mountains in these places are called The Rocky Mountains, but only a small part of them create the same majestic landscape around them.

Sapphire Point Overlook

Scenic Lookouts

Sapphire Point Overlook is located between Keystone and Breckenridge on the Swan Road, at an altitude of about 9500 feet. From here you can enjoy stunning views of the Dillon Reservoir, surrounded by the mountain ranges of Gore and Tenmila. This observation deck is adjacent to the White River National Forest, which has a total area of about 2.3 million acres. All these forested areas can be seen from this point.

Copper Mountain

Ski Areas, Resorts, Mountains

Copper Mountain is one of the most popular ski resorts in Colorado. When all the slopes are closed for the season, the resort organizes many summer activities, including some of the longest roller coaster in North America and other attractions, cycling trails, hiking and funiculars.

Lost Cajun

Cajun / Creole Restaurants

Creole cuisine is undoubtedly the basis of the American culinary tradition. Of course, it wasn't born here, but it's spread all over the country, so nowadays there are a lot of good creole cafes and restaurants, an exemplary example is Lost Cajun. If your idea of a perfect meal matches mine and includes a large plate of delicious soup, fried meat and baked goods with powdered sugar, this is the place to be.

Loveland Pass

Scenic Lookouts

The Loveland Pass is another place to enjoy incredible views of the Rocky Mountains. I was lucky to be here in the summer to see the fields where flowering has just begun and to find not only a beautiful view, but also a pleasant aroma that is mixed with the mountain air. The access here is very convenient, so you can get to the site by car without any problems.

St. Mary's Glacier

Trails, Lakes, Mountains

The next stop is St. Mary's Glacier, a place that resembles the Scandinavian landscapes - mountains slightly covered by snow on top, and in front of them a small lake with a blue as in the ocean, water, terrain to the horizon dotted with trees. If you want to go for a walk inland, you need to put on rubber boots, because even in the summer there is a chance to wet your feet.

Beau Jo's Pizza

Pizza Places, American Restaurants, Bars

On our way to the hotel, we met a nice Beau Jo's Pizza. Its distinctive feature, perhaps, is quite a wide choice of dishes. There are seven menus to choose from, including children's, dessert, gluten-free and alcohol-free menus. Seasonal dishes include stuffed peppers, various types of pizza and pasta. For dessert, there's a large selection of cookies, cocktails and cakes.