Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah – Day 2: The unique nature of Colorado Springs

Today, the plan is to go to a small, hospitable city near Denver, Colorado Springs. There is much to learn about the nature of these places, and the views here can be compared in beauty only with the Grand Canyon.
Natural Parks: From Colorado to Utah

Trip duration: 7 days

Edward Harrington

Four Friends Kitchen

Breakfast Spots, Southern / Soul Food Restaurants, Comfort Food Restaurants

The day begins with a lot of interesting things to do, and before we go on our way we stop by the Four Friends Kitchen Café for refreshments. For breakfast here you can order pancakes, omelette with bacon and vegetables or dressed with caramel syrup chicken breast with salad. I chose the last option and did not regret, the meat is very tender and delicious. And if you want to have breakfast on the road and not stay in a cafe, you can take delicious sandwiches and burritos here.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

Nature Preserves

The first stop will be in the city, in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. I simply admired the diversity of Colorado's nature, and I was as happy as a child to see the deer family. And according to the information on the signs in the park, there are also bison here. At the entrance, we were warned that it was better to move around the park only along the paths and not to climb into the thicket to protect ourselves and not to harm the animals by accident.

Phillip S. Miller Park


Phillip S. Miller Park is not only a unique natural site, but also a popular entertainment center. In addition to the park, there is an event centre, an outdoor amphitheatre and the Challenge Hilloutdoor wooden staircase, and if you're travelling with children, they can also have fun on the playground. In addition, the park boasts an impressive indoor water entertainment center.

Garden of the Gods


Probably the most beautiful views of Colorado Springs open up in the Garden of the Gods, which is a registered national natural monument. Stunning views of 300-foot towering sandstone cliffs against the backdrop of snow-covered Pike Peaks and the bright blue sky impress even the avid traveller. This natural and tourist centre is the most visited attraction in the region, which is greatly facilitated by the numerous museums and exhibitions in the park.

The Saraha Cafe

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The Sahara Cafe is a clean and inexpensive restaurant where most travelers prefer to eat. It serves both the usual sandwiches and lavash meat, as well as Israeli dishes and snacks, such as hummus and falafel. I took a well fried meat steak, by the way, one of these dishes will be enough for a full-fledged lunch for an adult - in addition to the meat, a portion of salad and a flatbread is served.

Glen Eyrie Castle & Conference Center


Glen Eyrie Castle is a building that was once the home of one of the founders of Colorado Springs, General William Jackson Palmer. Nowadays, the old building houses the hotel, as well as a conference room. The area around the estate is very well-groomed and represents a picturesque and peaceful landscape. We didn't stay in this place too long, but we had time to go for a walk in nature and see the building, which, by the way, is not a small one.

Daniels Park


On our way to the hotel we were lucky enough to meet the sunset in one of the most picturesque places in Colorado - Daniels Park. Mesmerizing views of the mountain ranges surrounding the park from almost all sides, many paths, paths and picnic spots. In the park, we met some local guys who said there was often a herd of buffalo or other animals.

Homegrown Tap and Dough

Italian Restaurants

Now we're back in Denver, and it's time for a refreshment. Nearby, there's a good cafe called Homegrown Tap and Dough. It serves mainly Italian cuisine, there are also some American dishes, but there are not many of them on the menu. The pizza here is excellent, with plenty of delicious stuffing and crispy crust. And if you're not driving today, buddy, don't deny yourself the pleasure of a couple of dark beers.