Inspiration: from Porto to Guimaraes – Day 1: Explore the surrounding area of Porto

Today you can walk along the beaches of the River Douro, enjoy swimming and scenic views from the Ponti do Freixo Bridge, visit the Chapel of São Pedro de Rubian and explore the surrounding area.
Inspiration: from Porto to Guimaraes

Trip duration: 4 days

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Praia Fluvial do Areinho


The first stop is a clean and pleasant beach on the bank of the Douro River. The river is one of the largest in Portugal, and its upper reaches, where the Alto Doru wine-growing region is located, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the beach near this attraction you can enjoy a pleasant walk along the Douro River or take a swim if the weather allows and you have a desire.

Churrasqueira A Ramadinha

Portuguese Restaurants, BBQ Joints

Dine at the traditional Portuguese barbecue restaurant "A Ramadinha", where you will be offered a full range of dishes, including national fish and meat. The average menu price for each dish is 10 euros. Please note that the restaurant is closed on Monday and the restaurant is open every day from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. except Sunday.

Ponte do Freixo


When you cross this road bridge, take a look at the scenic landscape on both sides of the Douro River. The bridge does not represent anything remarkable, but it plays a role of a magnificent observation deck. It was built relatively recently, in 1995, to relieve traffic and is the most eastern of all the bridges across the river connecting the city of Porto with Vila Nova di Gaia.

capela de sao pedro

Historic Sites

The Chapel of San Pedro de Rubian is located on the banks of the Douro River. It is surrounded by a low fence that allows you to see the chapel, even if it is closed. It is worth visiting this place anyway, because the hill on which it stands offers a wonderful view of the city.