Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes – Day 9: On his way to Charlotte.

Today is the last full day of our journey. We're going from South Carolina back to Charlotte. On the way it is planned to visit various historical places, interesting museums and parks.
Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes

Trip duration: 10 days

Brandon Hughes

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Breakfast Spots, Bakeries

We got up early today to get ready to pack. Before the road, they went for a refreshment at Callie's Hot Little Biscuit breakfast cafe. The atmosphere here was very cozy and friendly. We made ourselves some cakes and sandwiches. Besides, it wasn't without a cup of strong coffee. It was also pleasant that here the client can choose the necessary ingredients for his pie.

Fort Sumter National Monument

Historic Sites

We just couldn't leave Charleston without visiting the famous Fort Sumter National Monument. Since he is on the island, the tour is by boat. The tour guide will tell you the whole story of this place. Also, the boat will sail across the harbor, so you can see the fort from different angles. It was funny, we were accompanied throughout the tour by dolphins jumping out of the water a hundred meters from the boat.

Thirsty Fellow

Pizza Places, American Restaurants

We left Charleston and went to Charlotte. The road was pretty long, at one point we were pretty tired of the road and decided to stop for lunch at Thirsty Fellow restaurant in Columbia. It's a very delicious pizza place, we ordered ourselves pepperoni. We also liked the chicken wings.

South Carolina State Museum


Since we stopped in Columbia, we couldn't help but stay to visit the South Carolina State Museum. Among the permanent exhibitions we liked most of all the exhibitions of science and technology, natural history and contemporary art. In addition, the exhibitions dedicated to dinosaurs and the Civil War were very exciting.

Windjammer Park


There are many interesting places around Charlotte, but we decided to spend our evening in Windjammer Park. And I have to say, we didn't miss it, the views of Lake Wiley are great, we took a lot of pictures. Picnics and outdoor activities are allowed in the park itself, there are beaches and a variety of playgrounds, but drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited here.

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

American Restaurants, Steakhouses, Seafood Restaurants

Having had a good time, we headed into town to have dinner and go to the hotel. On the way, we came across a nice American restaurant called Firebirds Wood Fired Grill. The atmosphere here was very cozy and comfortable. We got ourselves some steaks, as well as smoked chicken wings.