Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes – Day 8: In parks and beaches

A trip along the Atlantic is the dream of any traveler. There are many different beauties along the coast, including a variety of parks, beaches and historical attractions.
Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes

Trip duration: 10 days

Brandon Hughes

New York Corner Deli

Delis / Bodegas, American Restaurants

We got up early today and, in order not to lose a minute, went straight south. It was decided to have breakfast somewhere along the way. After a few miles, we decided to stay at New-York Corner Deli. We had chicken fillet sandwiches and a homemade salad.

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk


After breakfast, we arrived in the small coastal town of Mertle Beach. This is where we decided to make the stop. To have a little look around, it was decided to go to Myrtle Beach Boardwalk Square, which was located in close proximity to the coast. There are quite a few different shops, also there are volleyball courts and, most importantly, the pier and the beach.

River Room

Seafood Restaurants

After leaving Mertle Beach, we headed further south. Within an hour we drove past a variety of beauties and eventually reached the small town of Georgetown, where we decided to stay for lunch. We headed to a cafe called River Room, which serves mostly seafood. We ordered ourselves some tuna sandwiches as well as a salad with fried shrimp.

Belmond Charleston Place

Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge


Over the last couple of days we have not stayed as often in various parks or reserves. To interrupt this bad trend, we stopped at Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge. The nature is really unique here, there are many different species of birds and animals. The territory of the park includes a variety of landscapes, including sandy beaches, sea forests, and various bodies of water with salt and fresh water.

Isle of Palms Beach


We just couldn't get past such a beautiful place as Isle of Palms Beach. Since an incredible number of tourists come here every year, you can find many different shops nearby. The beach itself is a fairly large sandy beach, so even on the most visited days it will not be crowded. As this place is surrounded by very beautiful views, it is also pleasant and easy to walk around.

Tavern & Table

American Restaurants

After a rather long beach walk, we got a little tired and decided to go for dinner. Since we were on our way to Charleston, it was decided to have dinner somewhere along the way. And as we approached the city, we noticed a nice restaurant called Tavern & Table. We ordered our own fried oysters as well as chicken wings and shrimps.