Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes – Day 3: Through the mountains and forests

Today we have also planned to devote ourselves to the survey of local beauties, among which there will be several picturesque parks, we will also take a walk in the mountains. In addition, there are plans to visit a historic estate surrounded by greenery.
Impressive North and South Carolina landscapes

Trip duration: 10 days

Brandon Hughes

Biscuit Head

Breakfast Spots

Since we have quite a lot planned for today, it was decided to wake up a little early and go for breakfast. To save some time later, we went to West Ashville at Biscuit Head. Classic breakfasts are served here, we chose an omelette with bacon and a couple of sandwiches.

The Biltmore Estate

Historic Sites

After breakfast we headed to one of the most famous places in North Carolina, The Biltmore Estate. This mansion was built in a style that is not typical of the United States: the architectural solutions implemented here are more typical of Europe with its rich and long history. The area around the main building is carefully maintained, so it's very nice to walk around.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The next point of our plan is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The territory of the park is mainly forested, with an area of about two thousand square kilometers. Of course, it will not be possible to see all the beauty in one visit, but even at a relatively small distance from the highway there are places of amazing beauty.

Grand Old Lady Hotel

Old Mill Restaurant

American Restaurants, Historic Sites, Gourmet Shops

Having walked many kilometers through the forests and paths of the National Park, we were very tired, so after that it was decided to go for lunch before moving on somewhere. On the way, we got a cozy Old Mill Restaurant. Among a rather large range of different dishes we chose homemade meat loaf, as well as chicken fried in the southern style.

Appalachian Mountains


Appalachian Mountains is undoubtedly one of the most important and beautiful natural sites in the USA. The length of the whole mountain range is more than two and a half thousand kilometers, many parks are located at the foot of this ridge. We drove along the Pigeon River, making several stops to capture these truly fascinating landscapes of forests and hills.

Frankie's Italian Trattoria

Italian Restaurants

After a long walk in nature at the end of the day we decided to devote the rest of our evening to a restaurant. For our luck, on the way we noticed Frankie's Italian Trattoria, where Italian cuisine is served. The atmosphere inside was quite friendly and cozy. We ordered ourselves spaghetti with carbonara sauce as well as lasagna. The restaurant is open every day except Sunday.