Historical Heritage of Rhodes – Day 7: Flora and fauna

It's not with coffee that a day starts. Your morning will start with a visit to the museum of wine-making and tasting. To get some rest from ancient Rhodes, go to the Butterfly Valley and make contact with these wonderful creatures. Next, you will learn about the life of bees, see a few beehives and explore the history of beekeeping from ancient times.
Historical Heritage of Rhodes

Trip duration: 9 days

Juan Coustillas

Wine Museum CAIR

Start the day with something nice. For example, with an excursion to the museum of winemaking and a wine tasting.

Farma of Rhodes | Petting Zoo

A small zoo where you can pet the animals and feed them from your hands. Both the traditional inhabitants of the island and those who can not be found in the wild nature of Rhodes, for example, ostriches and kangaroos, live here.

ESTATE & RESTAURANT Anastasia Triantafillou

The restaurant is notable for being located near local vineyards. While taking a late breakfast you can watch the process of picking or processing grapes.

The Valley of the Butterflies

The Butterfly Valley of Rhodes is an incredibly beautiful footpath that stretches to the top of the hill along the gorge. This place is definitely worth a visit to enjoy the pristine beauty of the island’s nature. Small rivers and lakes create a pleasant, wet microclimate, and careful exploration of the reserve allows finding small waterfalls and meeting representatives of wildlife - crabs, small lizards, rare birds and, of course, butterflies.

Alexander Panorama Cafè

Apres Ski Bars

At the end of the walking trail, on top of the hill, is a pleasant outdoor café. Have a breakfast and enjoy the beautiful view of the treasures of nature.

Bee museum of Rhodes

We've been watching the butterflies, and let's watch the bees now. The museum has several hives with transparent walls where the honeycombs appear and the bee life is. The museum’s exposition also tells about the history of beekeeping, from primitiveness to the present day. In the same building is the largest honey store on the island, which sells many varieties of healthy and natural sweets.

Petaloudes beach

Enjoy the sound of waves on a spacious pebble beach, surrounded by white cliffs.

Magister Premium Burger and Barbecue Restaurant Rhodes

The restaurant is quite different from the cosy taverns with homemade food! Magister Premium Burger cuisine can be called a classic American one with hints of Greece. The main and most popular dishes of the restaurant are burgers and grilled meats, but pita with souvlaki is also served here.