Historical Heritage of Rhodes – Day 5: Back to the Middle Ages

Enjoy the historical part of Lindos, the Acropolis, in a visit of several castles scheduled for today. By the way, it is the second largest and most significant one in Greece.
Historical Heritage of Rhodes

Trip duration: 9 days

Juan Coustillas

Lindos Acropolis

Today’s Lindos is a small town in the South-East of Rhodes with a population of about 4,000 people. And in the days of Homer here was a thriving polis, a city-state, famous for its brave navigators. Ancient architecture fragments of the Temple of Athena and the amphitheater are perfectly kept up to now. Ancient buildings are adjacent to the walls, built in the Middle Ages.


Mythos restaurant is located in a very picturesque place. Its terrace offers a beautiful view of the ancient acropolis of Lindos, the sea and the city. The terrace is decorated with numerous sculptures and floral hedges, and the citrus trees are also grown here. The overall pleasant impression is supported by the friendly attitude of the staff and large portions of delicious dishes.

Kleine Kapelle

Another place to take great photos.

Beach of Lindos

The spacious sandy beach of Lindos stretches along the bay. There are all conditions for comfortable swimming - the bottom without corals and sharp stones, quite shallow and warm sea. The beach is equipped with showers, sun beds and umbrellas.

Castle of Monolithos

Start exploration of the west coast of the island with the Monolithos Castle. The majestic building, rising to 100 meters above sea level, protected the inhabitants of the island against invasions of foreigners. On the territory of the fortress is a chapel perfectly kept up to now.

Old Monolithos Taverna

Genuine, delicious, family-style. The hosts serve guests of the tavern themselves, they are always happy to offer their assistance in the choice of dishes.

Kritinia Castle

And the last castle for today. The Kritinia Castle combines elements of Byzantine and Venetian architecture. Like many castles of the island, it was built by the Knights of the Order of Saint John. Above the main gate of the castle you can find the family arms of the great masters, who ruled Rhodes in the Middle Ages.

Loukas Fish Taverna

An ideal place to watch the sunset on the beach and enjoy the delicious seafood.