Historical Heritage of Rhodes – Day 4: Beaches and springs

It is time to walk the island, but first you should take a quick look at the museum of modern art in Greece. After visiting the museum, you will go to the seven springs, which are the means of purging sin according to legends, look at the ruins of the castle of the Knights of St. John, and also visit one of the old factories producing natural olive oil available for purchase.
Historical Heritage of Rhodes

Trip duration: 9 days

Juan Coustillas

Modern Greek Art Museum

Admiring the works of ancient masters, we should not forget about the modern creators. The museum of contemporary art contains works by Greek artists and sculptors from the beginning of the 20th century.

Finn Cafe

A classic breakfast in ancient Greece necessarily included barley bread with wine, olives and figs. And today, many locals prefer delicious pastries and a cup of coffee for breakfast. Finn Cafe serves delicious open-faced cakes, a variety of cakes and pastries, berry desserts, Greek yogurt with nuts and fruits and much more.

Traganou Cave

Enjoy a swim in the crystal clear sea water or get active in exploration of caves and grottoes.

Seven Springs Waterfall

A great place to hide from the hot sun and feel the nature. Seven springs with clean water shoot up from the ground here. Tourists from around the world are attracted to the underground tunnel. There is a belief that after passing through it, you can be cleansed of the seven sins and feel the burst of life energy.

Epta Piges

A large cafe with an open terrace awaits tourists at the end of the hiking trail. It offers a traditional Greek cuisine, good selection of grilled meat and fish, salads from fresh vegetables. Near the terrace, one can see the representatives of the local fauna: ducks, swans and peacocks. There is a menu in Russian and English. Despite the close proximity to the tourist attraction, the prices in the cafes are good.

Red Sand Beach (Παραλία Κόκκινη Άμμος)


A special combination of turquoise sea water and red-orange sand gives this beach a special beauty. And lovers of creativity will be pleased with the volumetric silhouettes of mythical heroes and magical creatures carved on limestone rock.

Archangelos Fort Castle

The majestic castle of the Knights of St. John was located here in the Middle Ages, and only ruins are the evidence of the knight great power of the past now.

Olive oil factory

Olive Oil Factory offers not only natural olive oil with fragrant spices, but also a huge selection of ecological cosmetics.

Mama's Pizza

The cafe might look plain and homey and not different original decor, but the taste and quality of the pizza here is just amazing!