Grand Auto Museums Tour – Day 5: Arrival in Stuttgart

While driving to the city, make sure to visit the beautiful Kloster Lorch and when you are in Stuttgart, you can explore the city by visiting some of the most interesting sights it has to offer.
Grand Auto Museums Tour

Trip duration: 8 days

Andrew Mel

Kloster Lorch

On the way to Stuttgart, it's worth to visit several scenic spots. One of the main attractions is the monastery Kloster Lorch. It was founded around the year 1100 by the Swabian Duke Friedrich I (1050-1105). Lorch is a small monastery that stands on a high Bank of the valley of the river Rems. This good strategic place was valued by the Romans. In 100-280 A.D. the limes – a border of the Roman Empire was exactly here. You can see it at the parking information stand and by the reconstructed life-size wooden tower of the limes.

Marktplatz Schorndorf


Just lovely town of 40,000 inhabitants which is good to have a look at for during a short stop.

Esslinger Burg

In the Middle Ages, the Burg fortress successfully defended Esslingen from attacks of enemies for many times. Now it is a fashionable concert venue and a great observation deck. Stunning views of the city and its vineyards are offered from the top of the medieval defensive walls. In summer, there are concerts held with world stars like The Animals.

Palmscher Bau

Just before you arrive at Stuttgart, have a stop for lunch in this Germany restaurant call Palmscher Bau.

Sepulchral Chapel on Württemberg hill

This crypt is worth visiting. It was built by King William the First as an honour to his wife Katarina that passed away in her youth.

Stuttgart Television Tower (Fernsehturm Stuttgart)

Scenic Lookouts

One of the main attractions of Stuttgart – the world's first TV tower built of reinforced concrete. It was built in 20 months and put into operation on February 5th, 1956. To get to the observation deck you have to buy a ticket. 7 Euro per adult, 4 Euro per child from 6 to 15 and free for all, who are younger than 5. And if you have a birthday, the entrance is also free, regardless of your age. At the top of the tower, there is a restaurant. Beautiful views included in the price of food.



The highest point in the city. It's lower than the tower but made without humans.

Ambiente Africa

African Restaurants

Today's dinner is at the Stuttgart's African restaurant – Ambiente Africa. Check the photos and the reviews – it's definitely worth visiting.

Neues Schloss


The rest of the day can be spent walking around the castle and the surrounding gardens.

Mittlerer Schlossgarten