Grand Auto Museums Tour – Day 2: BMW Museum and other leisure in Munich

On this day, you will visit the iconic BMW museum and have some real fun on the local river.
Grand Auto Museums Tour

Trip duration: 8 days

Andrew Mel

BMW Museum

The second day begins with the BMW Museum. The opening of the museum in 1972 was dedicated to the Olympics. In 2008 it was re-opened after a complete renovation. The exhibition features all BMW cars and motorcycles in the history of the brand, as well as Mini and Rolls Royce. These brands are now also owned by BMW.

Bavarie by Käfer

Bistros, Cafés

In the exhibition center there are many restaurants and eateries of different kinds. Choose what you like most.

Eisbach Wave (Eisbachwelle)

Surf Spots

After you had a short visit to the hotel to take your swim suits, drive to this handmade river Eisbach. You can even try surfing on the local waves.

Gasthaus Isarthor

German Restaurants

A cozy restaurant, where you should definitely try the beer straight from the barrel!