Georgia Road Trip – Day 7: History and recovery

Today you will travel to the mountains: an ancient cave city in the rock, a trip to Stalin's homeland in Gori, a tour of the ancient fortress, a visit to Borjomi! The pleasure of bathing in mineral springs, mineral water and walks in the fresh air.
Georgia Road Trip

Trip duration: 8 days

Svetlana Lisitskaya

Uplistsikhe (უფლისციხე)

Historic Sites

And today we will recover to the cave city Uplistsikhe. On the outside world the city was closed by a mountain and a river. Archaeologists believe that the cave town is about 3000 years old. Now there are about 150 caves left, and originally there were about 700. The city was repeatedly destroyed by earthquakes. In the town located in the mountain, there were also vineyards, stoves and water supply. It's an open-air museum now.

Chinebuli | ჩინებული

Caucasian Restaurants

We're having lunch here in Gori. What a Georgian cuisine is rich, spicy, tasty after all! Hachapuri, kebab and some incredible first course!

Gori Fortress (გორის ციხე)


In the afternoon we're going to see the fortress of Gori. The fortress is located on a rock in the center of Gori. The earthquake of 1920 severely damaged many historical and archeological monuments, and Goristsikhe, an ancient fortress, did not escape this fate. The width of the wall in some places reaches 2 meters. It has been known since the 13th century. The fortress offers a beautiful view of the city.

Stalin's Train (სტალინის მატარებელი)

Historic Sites

It is interesting how fellow countrymen keep the memory of Joseph Stalin - on the territory of the museum there is a wagon in which the generalissimo liked to travel. He wasn't known to fly planes. Let's see which carriage the head of the most powerful country in the world was riding. Come in, kitchenette, conductor's compartment, security compartment, washroom. Office: table, chair, sleeper. And (very interesting!) air conditioning. It's humble. Finished with expensive species of wood. And the main advantage is armored glass in the windows. The car doesn't stand out from the outside either, a humble green car. You can't tell the difference from the others.

Stalin Museum (სტალინის მუზეუმი)


After passing through a beautiful park with wonderful views of the mountain and the fresh air, we enter the Stalin Museum. Inside the museum is a house where his family used to rent a house when he was a child. In 1939, a protective pavilion was built around the house. Tour guides talk about childhood, learning I. Dzhugashvili, about the leadership of the state, about his personal family, about children...

Ropeway | საბაგირო

Cable Cars

Then we go to Borjomi. We'll stop at the cable car station. What a stunning view! You can drink coffee in the fresh mountain air and admire the nature.

Sulfur Pool

Hot Springs

I'm sure everyone's heard of Borjomi's famous healing water. Well, we've come to the very sources! Here you can not only drink it, but dive right in. There are three hot mineral water pools and a cold shower. Water flowing through rocks is saturated with healing minerals and for over 200 years people have been improving their health by taking baths.

Borjomi Park | ბორჯომის პარკი


And here is the famous resort town of Borjomi! In the wonderful green park you can enjoy warm Borjomi water, and those who don't like warm water - if you walk in the park, there is a spring with cold water. Of course, drinking it is much tastier, but warmer. Fortunately, the composition of water has not changed in the 200-year history of its use. The park is very beautiful, a real paradise on earth, but the main interest for tourists is, of course, mineral water. The town is a spa town with a mild healing climate, due to the fact that it is located in a gorge, there is no gusty wind and no sudden temperature changes. Archaeologists have determined that the baths were taken here already in the first millennium AD.


Cafés, Coffee Shops

Dinner at a typical Georgian Borjomi cafe. The dough and cheese dishes are very tasty. The desserts are excellent. And of course, Georgian dishes deserve only praise. The cafe is quiet, atmospheric, I want to stay longer.