Georgia Road Trip – Day 4: Walks in Tbilisi

Today we are coming back from the mountains to Tbilisi, we will go up by funicular, wander around the city, visit sulfur baths and a market of spices and sweets, and have lunch in Georgian restaurants.
Georgia Road Trip

Trip duration: 8 days

Svetlana Lisitskaya

Funicular Lower Station (ფუნიკულიორის ქვედა სადგური)

Cable Cars

We continue to study Tbilisi and today we will start with the funicular. It's been functioning here since 1905! And after the reconstruction, the number of tourists who want to climb it has increased. The views are fantastic!

Tbilisi TV Tower (თბილისის ტელეანძა)

Monuments / Landmarks

The TV tower is visible from anywhere in Tbilisi, and is also used as a multifunctional tower. For TV broadcasting, for cellular communication, shows the time to the inhabitants of the city with the help of light effects.

Funicular Complex | ფუნიკულიორის კომპლექსი (ფუნიკულიორის კომპლექსი)

Restaurants, Lounges, Bakeries

And we'll have lunch here, we'll eat hinkali, salads and lobio. Soon we will probably get addicted to Georgian cuisine. To top it all off, and the view is gorgeous. If the weather allows, we always try to get a table on the veranda or on the street. You have to enjoy the mountain air while you can.

Royal Bath | სამეფო აბანო

Spas, Hot Springs, Pools

Let's go visit the Tbilisi sulfur baths. Here, in the Caucasus, there are many different healing springs. After yesterday's climbing in the mountains, spa treatments, baths and swimming pools will not hurt.

Dezertirebi Agrarian Market | დეზერტირების აგრარული ბაზარი

Farmers Markets, Markets

After a leisurely rest in the baths we will visit the agricultural market. The spices are there for all tastes! Try it, smell it, rub it in your hands! So that's the secret of aromatic Georgian cuisine! And the local sweets are also very diverse here.

O, Moda, Moda | ო, მოდა, მოდა

Cocktail Bars

We'll have dinner at this atmospheric cafe. The meat is tender, juicy, the salads are wonderful. They love the combination of meat and vegetables in general. Dinner was a pleasure. Didn't notice how time flew by.