Georgia Road Trip – Day 2: The grace of the ancient monasteries

Today we will visit the holy and historical places sung by Pushkin and Lermontov, visit the Ananuri fortress, climb high in the mountains.
Georgia Road Trip

Trip duration: 8 days

Svetlana Lisitskaya

Jvari Monastery (ჯვრის მონასტერი)


This morning we will go to the place where at the foot of the mountain is the confluence of two rivers - Kura and Aragvi. Pushkin and Lermontov sang this area in their poems. After leaving the car in the parking lot, we'll go up to Jvari Monastery. According to legend, here St. Nina, the Enlightener of Iberia, erected a cross on the mountain. At first there was a small church on the site of the erected cross, and since the seventh century the monastery Jvari, as we see it now. The architecture of Georgian churches is unusual: ascetic, it repeats the appearance of the strict mountains around. It's like time has stopped here. Quiet, calm and grateful. And I don't want to leave. Since Jvari is on the mountain, you can see him from anywhere in Mtskheta.

Svetitskhoveli (სვეტიცხოველი)


Then the winding mountain road led us to the other side of the bend of the river, to Mtskheta, to Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. It's built of cramped granite, with frescoes inside. It was built in 1029, and before that, on the site of the burial of the Lord's Risa, there was a small church of the 4th century. The place and the cathedral itself are wonderful, as well as the feeling of being there.

Shiomghvime Monastery (შიომღვიმის მონასტერი)


Along the mountain road from Mtskheta we head to the monastery of St. Shio Mgvimsky. Just over 10 km and we are in a narrow limestone gorge. The inaccessibility attracted this place of ancient monks, as well as quite soft rock, which made it easy to dig caves. They can still be seen in the mountains, but now the monks live in celia on the territory of the monastery. He founded it in VI century Shio, who came with 12 pupils to educate Georgia. Now there are two ancient temples: in honor of John the Baptist, a very complex architecture and in honor of the Holy Virgin. Beautiful view of the lowland opens from the monastery, in the rocks - caves, where the monks asceticism.

Dzveli Armazi | ძველი არმაზი

Caucasian Restaurants

We'll have lunch on the way. We stopped at a Georgian restaurant on the bank of the Kura. Several halls, excellent view of the river framed by the emerald trees of the mountains. Tasting Georgian cuisine. Vegetables, meat and cheese are great combinations. We weren't disappointed.

Ananuri Castle Complex (ანანურის ციხის კომპლექსი)

Historic Sites

We're going to the mountains in the afternoon. On the way we will stop to see the fortress of Ananuri, the good is right on the road, very convenient. Ananuri is a fortress erected at the confluence of the Vedzatkhevi River in Aragvi. There's a very picturesque reservoir right now. The fortress was built in XVI-XVII centuries. Its location made it possible to block the road from the Daryal Gorge and retreat into the mountains during the internecine wars in the Middle Ages. Inside the fortress there are 3 churches and towers. The most beautiful is the Church of the Dormition. Outside it is decorated with bas-relief of a cross and a vine. Inside, there are ancient frescoes. In ancient times, the fortress was large. Now there's a citadel left. But even so, it makes a wonderful impression. It's interesting to walk around there, listen to the noise of a mountain river.



All I can say is, it's amazing! You have to be here, breathing in that air, admiring the views. The one time it's better to see than hear 100 times.

Georgian Russian Friendship Monument / საქართველო რუსეთის ხალხთა მეგობრობის მონუმენტი / Арка Дружбы народов России и Грузии

Scenic Lookouts

In the mountains, where there are beautiful views around, one cannot do without an observation deck. And here it is, built as a panorama with mosaic images of the exploits of our peoples. The views open up just amazing!

Karaoke - Restaurant "Cozy Corner" in Kazbegi

Comfort Food Restaurants, Restaurants, Karaoke Bars

Dinner at a traditional restaurant. We were quickly served, tasted delicious national dishes. How many variants of bean dishes in Georgia! And it's all edible and delicious. Think about it!