Food and Traditions in Porto and Surroundings – Day 3: The charm of ancient Viseu

Today you will visit the Sé Cathedral, a medieval architectural monument, get acquainted with the archaeological collection of Viseu, walk under the arch of Porta do Soar, get acquainted with the history and architecture of the city.
Food and Traditions in Porto and Surroundings

Trip duration: 5 days

Alexey Lukin



The facility is open every day from 7 a.m. and offers both international and traditional Portuguese cuisine in its menu. Don't miss the opportunity to refresh yourself with quality restaurant meals in a calm and neat atmosphere to gain strength for further travel.

Sé de Viseu


So you've arrived in Viseu. Take a look at this national heritage architectural monument. The Cathedral, like the whole of Viseu, was repeatedly rebuilt during the struggle for the territory of modern Portugal. In particular, the temple survived the era of Moorish domination. Today it is a vivid example of a medieval monument of architecture, combining the original Romanesque features, decorative elements of the Manuelino, as well as fragments of the Italian Renaissance.

Muralha da Sé

Portuguese Restaurants

Before visiting the museums of Viseu, enjoy the culinary masterpieces of this restaurant. It is distinguished by high quality cuisine and good service, but pay attention to the opening hours of the restaurant: the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, and on other days is open from 12.30 to 15.30 and at 19.30 to 23.00 (except Sunday).

Casa Das Memórias

Art Museums

The Museum of Memory, now transformed into a museum of the city, will tell you all about Viseu and form an idea of its complex history. You can walk through the exposition, or you can listen to the excursion from guides, experts in the history of the city.

@ Adro Da Sé

Music Venues

The best opportunity to see the archaeological collection of Viseu and get closer to the history and architecture of the city. Note that the museum is closed on Mondays.

porta do soar


Walk past the small square where Porta do Soar is located, one of the city's door arches, which still provokes controversy among historians over the age to which it belongs.

O Cortiço


Dine at this traditional restaurant in the city centre, close to the most famous attractions. In the menu you will find a variety of dishes, and the waiters will kindly help you with your choice.