Food and Traditions in Porto and Surroundings – Day 2: Enjoying the views and the vivacity of nature

We continue to enjoy the natural beauties: today you will find beaches and travels, beautiful views and wonderful gastronomy.
Food and Traditions in Porto and Surroundings

Trip duration: 5 days

Alexey Lukin

Pizzaria/Restaurante Centro Civico


If you are not travelling in your own car, the hotel staff will help you arrange a transfer or a car with a driver for the whole day. The main thing is to warn them about this in advance in order to organize the booking service. Before leaving for Porto, have breakfast at the Centro Civico coffee shop. The facility opens at 7:00 a.m. It maintains the atmosphere of a typical Portuguese café with fresh dishes and baked goods, as well as good aromatic coffee. The place doesn't work only on Sundays.

Miradouro Varanda dos Carqueijais

Scenic Lookouts

Dilute the gastronomic journey with another observation deck. It will charge with impressions and emotions, and also help to stretch before long enough trip to Porto.

Poço do inferno

Scenic Lookouts

Today, we suggest that you continue to enjoy the nature of the surrounding area or go to the spa all day - it is up to you to decide. Complete relaxation of body and mind is guaranteed! Here you can walk and see the beautiful waterfall.

Varanda da Estrela


Cozy atmosphere, great food. The food is great, the staff is busy, but friendly, good desserts. Look here for a hearty lunch.

Praia Fluvial De Loriga


Another place in the neighborhood worth seeing. Well, even any road in this area is worth the attention! Here you can continue your walks in the fresh air, and in the warm season, even swim on the riverside beach and natural pools.

O Vicente

Portuguese Restaurants

Nearby there is a not very noticeable, but popular Portuguese restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy a delicious dinner. You can also go back to the poster room early to enjoy the spa and pool.