Florida Coast Relaxation – Day 4: Miami Beach morning walk

Today we don’t have much time left, so we’ll try to spend it to the maximum benefit, namely walk along the coast in a picturesque park near the southern part of the beach.
Florida Coast Relaxation

Trip duration: 4 days

Edward Harrington

South Pointe Park


South Pointe Park is a beautiful place which ensures to meet both sunrise and sunset in a smart and welcoming environment. Along the neat paths, there are small benches, and the park also offers beautiful views of the city and the liners and yachts floating in the ocean. Another significant advantage of the park is its location in the immediate vicinity of the beach, so while walking here you can also go ashore.

The Local House

Tapas Restaurants

Today we have breakfast in a cozy cafe located near the coast. For breakfast, a fairly wide range of dishes is offered, among which beef stew with cheese, potatoes and eggs and assorted seafood and salads are worth highlighting. For dessert, you can take coconut or lemon pie.