Florida Coast Relaxation – Day 2: Gambling experience and outdoor activities

Today is going to be a very active and exciting day, because we have a plan to go to a golf club and visit a casino, which offers not only gambling, but also watching performances by musicians and comedians.
Florida Coast Relaxation

Trip duration: 4 days

Edward Harrington

Haulover Sandbar


Haulover Sandbar is a rather large picturesque sandbank located on the shores of the bay that separates the continental part of the city from the island. It is not very deep, and anyone can take a boat trip along the bay, including along the Sandspur Island.


American Restaurants

The day is just beginning, and now you should eat something, because the most pleasant is yet to come. A cafe by the sea, Houston’s, is perfect for this. The place is quite popular with both locals and tourists, thanks to a good selection of meat and fish dishes. For lunch, you can order Scottish salmon or a chicken with spices.

Jacaranda Golf Club

Golf Courses

One of the many advantages of Florida, along with beaches and parks, are golf clubs. The favorable landscape of the southern part of the peninsula has been the basis for the creation of many sites and fields for the game. Jacaranda Golf Club offers both playing and taking a few lessons. You can also rent all necessary equipment here.

Seasons 52

New American Restaurants, Wine Bars, Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants

We move on and along the way we came across a rather attractive Seasons 52 restaurant. Thanks to the calm and elegant atmosphere, it is tempting to stay here longer. To my taste, I can recommend dishes such as lobster with mozzarella cheese and stuffed tomatoes.

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek

Seminole Casino Coconut Creek is not only a casino, but also a popular concert venue where local musicians, stand-up comedians, artists and dancers perform. The evening here will be not only gambling, but also fun, because several artists perform here every night. A nice addition will be the fact that the casino building has several bars and cafes to dine in a cozy atmosphere.