Exploring Nature: Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks – Day 6: On the Land of Fire

Figure 8 route through the park passes through the most interesting places to visit. Today, you continue to explore Yellowstone, and if you're lucky, you can see bison or moose grazing in the valley. Also, in the reserve are several souvenir shops, where you can buy gifts to friends.
Exploring Nature: Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Trip duration: 7 days

Alexander Popov

Gardiner Market


According to the tradition, buy some food for the day, so as not to waste time on lunches and enjoy nature to the maximum.

Mammoth Hot Springs

Hot Springs

You should definitely visit the Mammoth Hot Springs, as they differ from other thermal areas. This is largely due to limestone, which is a relatively soft rock type, which allows travertine formations to grow much faster than others. In Yellowstone, every year rain and melted snow seep into the ground. Water is heated up quickly by the magmatic formations heat. After moving through the underground "water supply system", hot water rises through small cracks and interacts with gases. When part of the carbon dioxide is dissolved in hot water, a weak carbon dioxide solution is formed. This solution interacts with limestone. Under the influence of air, a part of carbon dioxide is released from the solution, and limestone is converted into a solid mineral called travertine.

Tower Fall

Scenic Lookouts

Tower Fall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Tower Creek. Near the parking above the waterfall there is a viewpoint offering an amazing view of the rushing water. Here you can see the rocks that name the creek and the waterfall itself. In old photographs, on the very edge of the waterfall was a huge boulder, which fell in June 1986. If you just go down the trail about 1 mile, you can have a look at the waterfall underneath.

Artist Point

Scenic Lookouts

One of the most photographed attractions in Yellowstone National Park is the Artist Point. The observation deck, which offers panoramic views of the Grand Canyon Yellowstone and the waterfall. The place owes its name to the belief that Thomas Moran painted his famous painting of the waterfall in 1872 here. It was later established that the suggestion was erroneous, but the name stuck.

West Thumb Geyser Basin

Hot Springs

Located on the shore of the lake, this geyser basin is one of the smallest, but the most picturesque in the park. In addition to geysers, the basin also has hot springs, mud pits and fumaroles (holes in the earth's crust, which generates vapor and gas). This is the smallest, but the deepest basin in Yellowstone, its dark green waters make it look bottomless.

Frostop Drive In

Burger Joints

Passing the fascinating landscapes of the national park, you get to the highway and follow the small busy towns. You see a noticeable Fropstop Drive In sign near the road. This restaurant is perfect for dinner. The service is always friendly and, what is more important, fast! You can dine indoors, or get some food to go. The menu is extremely simple: burgers, toast, milkshakes and other goodies.