Discover Surroundings of Birmingham – Day 4: Cozy houses and beautiful gardens

Today there will be a trip to the cozy surroundings of Birmingham. The estate is owned by an aristocratic family, a house with a beautiful garden where roses grow and the old mill from 1542, which still works.
Discover Surroundings of Birmingham

Trip duration: 8 days

Anastasia Omelchuk

Saint Nicolas Place

History Museums

This place is a beautiful and amazing historical oasis in the suburbs of Birmingham. The current Cathedral of St. Nicholas dates from the beginning of the 13th century, as recorded in ancient documents. The church has been repeatedly restored and expanded. The spire of the church was built between 1446 and 1475, and was twice subjected to lightning strikes. St. Nicholas Church is famous for its bell tower, consisting of ten bells, two of them have existed since the middle of the 15th century.

Hanbury Hall NT

Historic Sites

Hanbury Hall is an aristocratic family estate, which was transferred to the National Fund after the death of the last owner in the middle of the 20th century. For nearly three hundred years, the house passed down from one family member to another. Many of the interior elements and furniture did not belong to the Vernon family, but were brought into the estate by employees of the National Foundation for the Preservation of Historical Heritage.

Packwood House

The earliest mention of Packwood dates back to 1190, when local chaplain Walter witnessed the very existence of this property. Most of the land in these parts belonged to Coventry Benedictine monks. Packwood remains to this day an amazing, mystical garden, the sacred meaning of which will awaken in the soul of everyone deeply hidden feelings. This English garden is known for its topiard "Yew Garden" and the flower garden with a magnificent rose garden and flower borders around the pond.

Art Kitchen

Thai Restaurants

Here you can taste Thai cuisine. In the Art Kitchen you can order amazing red curry paste, green curry and beef in Thai style. Chefs make good pancakes and good pudding. This place have a cozy atmosphere. Visitors claim that the staff at this restaurant is excellent. Amazing service - a big plus of Art Kitchen.

The Old Mill Museum


The museum is located next to the water mill on the Cole River. By the way, the mill is still working, one of two working mills. It was built here in 1542, and the museum is located in a building in 1771. This mill is more than 200 years old. Here you can see the process of grinding the grain. Also on the territory there is a bakery in which they bake bread in the oven of the 19th century. An interesting fact that the mill served as the prototype for the Big Mill in the Hobbit story, and the miller became the prototype for Ted Sandymen, the character of The Lord of the Rings.

Sandford Park


There are two parts of Sandford park. One close to the top end of town, Cheltenham. This part has a lovely stream running through it, a big sculpture called the Friendship Stones. Two fountains one at each end. Another part of park over the other side of College road, this one has a sculpture of a man lying on his front on some concrete structure, called 'The Weathered Man'. Further through this section of Sanford Park you come to the back of the Lido, chelts' outdoor swimming pool.Then at the far end is an old gazebo type structure.

The Feathered Nest Country Inn

Restaurants, Pubs

This bar serves British cuisine. Cooks are preparing amazing canapes, gazpacho and iberico pork. In Feathered Nest will make you a nice souffle, pudding from toffee and petit fours. Here you can order a good port or good prosecco. From the point of view of customers, the staff here is pleasant.